Enspire Advantage

From Enspire Advantage:

“Formed in 2008 as a student group at Emory University, Enspire Advantage is a non-profit organization with a vision to become a voice for low-income students and disabled students by developing free and innovative solutions to challenge the barriers that have created a significant achievement gap in the public education system.

By 2012, Enspire will package world-class test preparation into a free online program accessible worldwide.

Our platform packages world-class test preparation into a free online program using Sonar Adaptive Learning™, a proprietary hyper-adaptive technology made to rapidly accelerate the learning process.

Enspire is comprised of an expanding network of leading software engineers, neuroscientists, psychologists, educators, product managers, and students.”

I joined Enspire Advantage in July 2011 and stayed with the program until November 2011, during which time I created flyers, posters, a logo, and other promotional materials, in addition to working on interfaces for a comprehensive online test-preparation and practice suite. Having recently gone through the college admissions and standardized testing processes myself, I fully appreciated the importance of its aspirations. I also had the opportunity to work with another designer (one who had already established some design sense for the brand).