In my Fall 2012 semester, I studied abroad in Freiburg, Germany with IES’s European Union program. The program’s German courses pooled together articles, photos, and research from every student in the program. Having offered to design the cover of the final publication (a “newspaper” in magazine format), I envisioned a “flat” vector representation of the town through some of its most significant landmarks. I created illustrations of Freiburg’s Martinstor, Schwabentor (the two old city gates that stand at two ends of its downtown), and Historiches Kaufhaus (the old guild hall in its main square). I made single graphics for print (and framing) for each of these landmarks and then integrated them into a greater cover illustration that included representations of Freiburg’s famous Vauban district (one building in particular), its ubiquitous tram system, and the rolling green hills of the Black Forest as a backdrop..

Full publication cover