India Summit

2012 Poster

2013 Poster

In 2012, I was referred by the Halle Institute to design a large-size poster for its India Summit and was brought on as the conference’s lead graphic designer. I proposed a customized logo, but it was left out of the final design due to stipulations from the Halle Institute.

I made the logo with a aesthetic in mind that strove to be professional and beautiful – something like one that would be employed by a museum. The lion derives from India’s State Emblem, an image both iconic to India not overused, generic, or offensive (and recognizable to summit participants).

The final poster, without a logo, relied on typography. Using Archer for the title and Adelle and Chalet otherwise, I made the text clean and balanced, but still decorative and festive. The background is based on an orange tone, with  flashes of green, otherwise, paying homage to India’s national colors. I used two Indian-style emblems to form patterns for borders, background flavor, and hierarchy. The overall shape of the product focused the attention on the text and the importance of each part, while building this on top of a decorative and symbolic, but appropriately understated foundation.

In 2013, I was asked again to design the poster for the year’s India Summit. I updated the aesthetic with clean organization, solid fonts, and high-quality photography from the previous year. I focused the poster on simpler, more readable text and a cleaner, smoother aesthetic that guided the eyes across the important information and imagery.