Maritime China Conference

In the fall of 2011, I was asked to create a last-minute promotional flyer for the Halle Institute‘s 2011 conference on maritime China, titled “Sea Rovers, Silk, and Samurai.” The conference was the first of its kind in North America and drew many esteemed scholars and bright students to discuss their research and insight into the history of maritime China and East Asia.

The flyer gave me a good chance to design something with an intellectually rich subject and audience. The two paintings in the flyer are of a Chinese ship (from the Brooklyn Museum) and Koxinga/Zheng Chenggong (an image previously used by the Halle Institute in association with the event). I had a good deal of textual information that I was required to include in the flyer, including event information, location, contact information, sponsors, and, of course, the title of the conference. At the same time, I had to keep the historical images relevant and visible (especially as I was told the characters at the top of the background image would be a pertinent part of the flyer).

I also took advantage of the opportunity to implement paper textures (on the title bar) and the subtle use of patterns (as seen in the title bar, the informational section, and the sponsorship section). The flyer was not ultimately put into a wide circulation, but I developed some skills from the experience and was able to contribute design to a professional, scholarly organization