Logo detail

A mockup of Scenter’s iOS interface

Scenter is a mobile application that lets you interact with what’s happening around you. You can post messages to and read messages from the building, neighborhood, or community you are in, as well as view aggregated news, photos, and messages from “fences” in your area. I was asked in the spring of 2014 to help create an interface for the application, as well as a website mockup. The creation of the application interface called for smooth integration of messaging, browsing, and discovery in a modern and location-sensitive context.

The mobile interface of Scenter’s first version showed users posts beneath a map for locational context and in which “fence” the user (and posts) are in. As users move, the map moves with them and users can easily discover new fences and content, with which to interact. Users swipe between three levels of fences, beginning at the smallest fence available, stepping up in scope accordingly. Scenter’s second version will include deeper exploration features that allow users to see content from a variety of sources created in nearby fences, selectable on a full-screen map.

I also created Scenter’s logo. The application’s name is a pun on “center,” as well as its motif of posting “scents” – messages that stick to a location. I illustrated the silhouette of a dog’s head, with a handkerchief around its neck, a combination that I think conveys adventure and discovery.

An illustration created for Scenter’s website

Mockup of Scenter’s first site