In the spring of 2011, I joined TEDxEmory, then just starting up, to serve on its executive board and manage all aspects of its design. TEDxEmory, as a fledling organization with only a few months to organize its first conference, launched a marketing frenzy with a great number of flyers, posters, and digital graphics to be sent through Facebook and the school’s FirstClass server (as well as numerous organizational publications for sponsors and Emory University administration). For the main event, I designed or touched up three of the presenters’ PowerPoint presentations and created the design for a pair of 10 foot banners, as well as all event badges, t-shirts, tote bags, and the official event program.

In its second year, I again served on the TEDxEmory executive board as its Director of Design and produced similarwork to that of last year, as well as speaker invitation packets and a style guide, among others. I cultivated e a design style around TEDxEmory that is, similar to TED itself,  professional, minimalist, and cerebral, but also creative and modern at the same time.

TEDxEmory 2012 Sponsorship Letter

2012 Student Sp. Comp.

2011 Program

2012 Badges







For the second year’s event, I continued my efforts and crafted a cohesive style and several products, print and digital, which adhered to it. Attendees got a red TEDxEmory tote bag, an event program, a pen, and a custom TEDxEmory notepad. I also organized a 2012 TEDxEmory style guide on the style I had developed.

Design for TEDxEmory 2013

2013 Student Sp. Comp.

2013 Speaker Series








In TEDxEmory’s 2012-2013 run, I continued as Director of Design. I studied abroad during the Fall semester, but coordinated design through the internet. TEDxEmory organized individual

2013  Ticket

TEDxEmory 2013 Ticket

“Speaker Series” talks,the marketing of which required fairly consistent design style. I moved TEDxEmory’s design towards an even cleaner and sharper style, with varying grey tones and color blocks implemented to highlight or divide space. I had even greater access to high-quality photography from past years and could therefrom craft a more sophisticated, beautiful style and image for the TEDxEmory brand.